Brandon Flowers (That guy, from The Killers)

So in case no one got the memo, apparently the thing to do this year is hire big time Hollywood actresses for your side-project’s video? Yeah, we didn’t know either. But check it out, uber A-List hottie Charlize Theron dropped in for the video sesh with Flowers to help him sling his first solo single, “Crossfire” off forthcoming album Flamingo. The sound is a little more restrained than the normal rafter-raising dance-pop of his full-time gig, The Killers, but it’s no less anthemic for the softening of it’s bass lines. It still sounds enough like a Killers track, though, to make one wonder why it needed to be a side project? Is this how lead singers keep their bands honest, threaten them by walking away with the sheet music tucked under their arm? So what’s the take-away of all this you ask? Charlize Theron looks really hot as a sword wheeling ninja-slayer trying to rescue her man from certain doom.

And in case you were curious how the video magic is made, here’s a clip of the making of “Crossfire”:

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