The Big Picture

Oregon-based environmental artist and photographer Daniel Dancer creates paintings that only make sense when viewed from the sky. Sort of like a full on Monet – “From far away, it’s ok, but up close, it’s a big ol’ mess.” Art For The Sky are “living” nature-inspired installations constructed with people, up to hundreds, latex paint and a vision from the artist. To Dancer, the installations are more than just grouping together people to form an image. It is also a team-building activity for schools, special events, festivals and corporations that dissolves boundaries that often exist in our daily lives and awakens our ability to see that elusive ‘Big Picture’. These enchanting creations are a whole-body way of stimulating our imagination and helping us understand our interconnection with one another and all life. Dancer doesn’t believe in rehearsals and captures these large-scale images in one photograph, staying in a spontaneous and natural state.

These large groups of people collaborate to become a symbol for nature becoming one with the earth. A little bit of a hippie-dippie concept, but neat nonetheless.


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