Daily Archives: Jul 8, 2010

Benoit Debuissier

Stumbled across these beautiful images… The photography of Benoît Debuisser is sultry and nostalgic in a way that is almost surreal.  He uses a Lomo lc-a to capture shadowy vignettes such as those that lend the greenish-tint to the collection of snow globes on a windowsill below. The softness this creates in the images make […]


What’s a night out without gambling on a drink you’ve never had, stumbling through awkward silences and the occasional drunk dial-text-tweet?  With three new apps, BarCards, iSwig and iDrunky, Apple challenges you to find out. BarCards presents a series of “cards” with dares and trivia questions that require social interactions from within and outside your […]

Theurel & Thomas

When you think Mexico you don’t think French Macaroon. Duh. Located in San Pedro, Latin America’s most affluent suburb, Theurel & Thomas is the first pâtisserie in Mexico specialized in the macaroon, the beautifully delicate and popular French pastry. To feel like you’re walking into a patisserie in the middle of Mexico, design studio Anagrama has […]


These are the days of digital music, iTunes, iPods, mp3 players, etc. etc. etc. So what happens with the hundreds and thousands of compact discs we no longer need? UK artist Bruce Munro has one idea. On the weekend of June 19th and 20th, Munro and team of 140 helpers laid out 600,000 CDs on […]

Big Bang Boom – New Animation from Blu

This is rather intense, but well worth it. Blu is an artist from Bologna, Italy. His decade plus career has pushed envelopes time and time again. Here Blu tackles evolution, the beginning to the end.

Beautiful Swimmers

Rich, textured and layered with big Duran Duran style synths pretty much sums up Beautiful Swimmers single ‘Big Coast’. Sprinkled into the mix are a sample of short lyrical bursts, half-remembered horns and a pulsing bass line that combine to create a smooth sonic landscape. the video by Aurora Halal is just as slick; a […]

Double Rainbow

I wish we all could get this excited over nature…Well maybe NOT THIS EXCITED, but hey I’m sure mother nature was very flattered by his response hah. =]