Rusko- “Hold On” featuring Amber Coffman

The kids love the rave music, and with catchy dance floor electro-dubstep-pop music like Hold On who can blame them?  Amber Coffman’s vocals remind me of something that should have been released in the early 90s… Oh, wait… So do the rest od the noises in Rusko‘s newest video release. The only thing updated about this classic formula is the drum programing which manages to synthesize drum and bass, dub step and electro into one bouncy beat.  Hold On has everything you need in a video: kids raving, Rusko smoking cigarettes, more kids raving, Rusko smoking more cigarettes, Diplo!, more kids… well you get the idea.  While it’s not the most well-rounded tour-doc style video, it is nice shot and gives you the impression that the kids are, indeed, alright.  Especially when listening to Rusko do his twisty knobby thing.

Here’s Rusko‘s first video, Woo Boost, and you catch and see if he has anything interesting to say here.

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