Family Vacation

A photo captures a moment, a feeling, a memory. When you look back at family vacation photos, a feeling is automatically conjured up, usually one of glee, joy and freedom of having no worries in the world. As if simply looking at old family photos and re-living the moments isn’t fun enough, New York-based artist Sebastiaan Bremer has upped the fun factor. He has taken his own personal photographs from his childhood vacations and has added pops of color, as if sprinkled on with confetti. The photos are original with the natural grainy, splotched vintage-ness that can only be achieved through good ol’ time and wear and tear. The kind of effect that we kill to achieve with photo editing programs. With these specs of color, it is as if we’re looking into a fantasy world, where Willy Wonka will greet us on the mountain with an Everlasting Gobstopper. Pure joy without even meaning to.


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