Daily Archives: Jul 7, 2010

General Patton

Big Boi’s long awaited solo album Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty is finally here and it does not disappoint, even the weakest track of this Cadillac cultured, southern-fried grindhouse of bumpin’ tracks is better than a lot of what passes for hip hop in the past year. Here’s track ‘General Patton’ from […]

Family Vacation

A photo captures a moment, a feeling, a memory. When you look back at family vacation photos, a feeling is automatically conjured up, usually one of glee, joy and freedom of having no worries in the world. As if simply looking at old family photos and re-living the moments isn’t fun enough, New York-based artist Sebastiaan Bremer […]

Lunch Box

Three Blind Ants is a design team that has come up with a way to make outdoor picnics hip. Although, I didn’t realize eating outside needed to get any more awesome. Three Blind Ants has created the Boxsal, a pretty, fun, picnic in a box. Each locally produced Boxsal comes in a different design – […]

Rusko- “Hold On” featuring Amber Coffman

The kids love the rave music, and with catchy dance floor electro-dubstep-pop music like Hold On who can blame them?  Amber Coffman’s vocals remind me of something that should have been released in the early 90s… Oh, wait… So do the rest od the noises in Rusko‘s newest video release. The only thing updated about […]

Shabazz Palaces – “Belhaven Meridian” [OFFICIAL]

Remember Digable Planets? How could you not, especially with Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) reaching the generational milestone of being used in a commercial recently?  Well, while Mary Ann “Ladybug Mecca” Vieira is spending time being a talking head on VH-1 “Best Of…” retrospectives and Doodlebug is no where to be found, their former partner in rhyme, Butterfly, […]

Paint the Town

Akomplice is a clothing line known for its gritty in-your-face style, thought-provoking concepts and politically inspired designs. And what issue is more thought-provoking and consuming the political world, and our world, than global warming? Akomplice’s latest mission is to support the Paint Project, an organization that aims to paint roofs around the world white, which reflects the […]