Team Nail

In light of the hoopla that is the 2010 World Cup, Minx Nails has tapped into yet another way to support your team and also extends fashion to your fingertips. Minx Nails have been seen on celebs and in magazines in all different designs, bold colors and themes. Their new FANtastic Flags line of nail art features fourteen different countries with almost microscopic detail to adorn your digits with. But the details aren’t tediously painted on one-by-one. Each set of nail art comes in a sheet, and heat adheres them onto the nail, similar to a temporary tattoo. The mini decals line up perfectly with individual fingers, and last up to two weeks (which, sadly, may be longer than your team pick lasts in the tournament.) The World Cup is coming to a close soon so show your team support now, whether your country is in or out. You can read the Q&A and try to apply them yourself or you can keep it in the hands of the professional.


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