Daily Archives: Jul 5, 2010

Fresh Coast

Fresh Coast Documentary Kyle Gray Visuals presents in assocation with Grind TIme and Coast to Coast hiphop a AVOCADO/PHILLIPDRUMMOND film “Fresh Coast” Featuring The Saurus, Illmaculate, Iron Solomon, Okwerdz, Lush One, Nocando, Poison Pen, Passwurdz, Bo-Rat, Franco, Ex-I, Dumbfoundead, Critical, Madness, Sahtyre, Tantrum, D-lor, Reverse Live, F.LO. A film documenting the rise of one of […]

Who Needs People When You Have Robots and Chimps?

Although once the stuff of Hollywood films and science fiction lit, robots and chimps seem to be slowly phasing out the needs for people to do important stuff, like playing easy tunes on the violin, hustling fools at pool, and making stupid movies and posting them on the interwebs. Toyota’s line of “Partner Robots” is […]

Celeb Cash

Want to get your hands on some celebrity cash? Here’s a way, but you’ll be losing about $4 per bill. Celebrity-Cash.com sells 100% legal tender for $4.75 per bill, and instead of seeing the beautiful mug of our Founding Father, the original George W., choose from an array of celebrities to adorn that $1 bill. A dumb, yet amusing (and business […]

RIP Nicolas Hayek

Time passes, but Swatch is forever. Earlier last week, the man whose enormous contribution of the famous Swatch watch was responsible for saving the Swiss watch industry nearly 30 years ago, died due to heart failure. Nicolas Hayek was 82-years-old. Hayek bought and reorganized the Swatch Group in the early 1980’s, which now owns a variety of brands […]

Team Nail

In light of the hoopla that is the 2010 World Cup, Minx Nails has tapped into yet another way to support your team and also extends fashion to your fingertips. Minx Nails have been seen on celebs and in magazines in all different designs, bold colors and themes. Their new FANtastic Flags line of nail art […]