Supreme Bad-Ass: Kubrick v. Scorsese

SPOILER ALERT! The language of cinema is indeed universal — as evidenced by this video mash-up gaining traction via Leandro Braga , a post-production enthusiast from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  He spent 13 days watching nearly every Coen Brothers/Tarantino film in existence in order to create an epic, 500-clip mash up that was popular enough to inspire another foray into mashable movie-land– 25 days, 34 films, 1 tribute to Scorcese and Kubrick.  [Via]

What I find interesting is the lack of authorial commentary– the mash-ups speak for themselves and underscore visual and thematic motifs that might otherwise elude the casual film fan. There’s an obvious sort of uber-appreciation inherent in the way this is cut together and in how the films are presented. So, what’s your view? Which director’s repertoire takes the bad-ass cake?

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