Never Say Never Been There

Is it me, or does it feel like Justin Bieber is everywhere these days?  I cannot see a movie, turn on the TV, radio, or internets without his bunny-mug popping up. He may well be everywhere, like some sort of uber-Paris Hilton back in her hey-day of being everywhere at once — credit it to his tinier [5’5″] stature, or perhaps the fact that, like all Canadians, he’s wiley [I made that up]– but one thing’s for sure, he missed out on some major moments in recent world history.  Now, thanks to some  stoner-rific terrific photoshopping trix, it’s like Bieber was there too– playing the Berlin Wall and Tianeman Square, flashing gangsta-hearts at the Clinton inauguration and peace-loving on Nelson Mandela’s historic release– only none of us never knew.  [via]

Gotta give the kid some props, his Never Say Never video feat. Jaden Smith [aka Mini-Will] is undeniably entertaining. In that I can’t believe kids are doing this, sorta way.

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