Daily Archives: Jun 29, 2010

Never Say Never Been There

Is it me, or does it feel like Justin Bieber is everywhere these days?  I cannot see a movie, turn on the TV, radio, or internets without his bunny-mug popping up. He may well be everywhere, like some sort of uber-Paris Hilton back in her hey-day of being everywhere at once — credit it to […]

N.A.S.A- The Big Bang

Brace yourself folks… N.A.S.A.‘s remix album The Big Bang just dropped today! First and foremost, The Big Bang features two brand spanking new N.A.S.A. tracks: “I Wanna Be Your Lover” (feat. Barbie Hatch & Maximum Hedrum) and title track “The Big Bang.” If that weren’t enough to whet your appetite, the album embraces N.A.S.A.’s mission […]

Theophilus London- I Want You

Here is the video for the title track from Theophilus London‘s I Want You mixtape. Directed the mixtape’s hostess, Va$htie, I Want You finds the stylish New York duo teaming up with mixtape.  For those of you unfamiliar with Theo, you can check out his myspace, twitter, and blog; Or, catch him on tour with […]

Best cry EVER plus auto-tune

Bored and looking for something to entertain you? Wellllll I think this video is just perfect! Check out this mans awesome cry, too funny…But it gets better! Someone took it upon themselves to made an auto-tuned remix! Toooo funny! Original: Now the Auto-Tuned remix:

Major Sales @ Metropark – Like WHOA


Supreme Bad-Ass: Kubrick v. Scorsese

SPOILER ALERT! The language of cinema is indeed universal — as evidenced by this video mash-up gaining traction via Leandro Braga , a post-production enthusiast from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  He spent 13 days watching nearly every Coen Brothers/Tarantino film in existence in order to create an epic, 500-clip mash up that was popular enough […]

Best Coast

The washed out, sun bleached sound that defines the Chill Wave/Noise-Pop genre is the perfect tonic for heartbreak and longing. It’s dreamy landscapes of sound, just lo-fi enough to still be accessible and infused with healthy doses of echoing reverb, songs like Boyfriend by Best Coast are the best kind of pop jam, simple and […]