Daily Archives: Jun 28, 2010

The Morning Benders

It’s easy for a really successful collaboration to be a fluke, a one-off firecracker that once it uses it’s creative fuel is spent forever.  Yourstru.ly‘s collab’ with The Morning Benders on the band’s breakout vid “Excuses” could have been an example of this but instead it marked the beginning of something more interesting.  Now they bring us […]

Muse + The Edge + Where The Streets Have No Name

It’s hard to cover a classic and render it equally favorable to its fans, but Muse just does that so well.  U2’s The Edge joined Muse at Glastonbury for their cover of the U2 hit, Where The Streets Have No Name, and managed to deliver a version that was equally as haunting, beautiful and stirring […]

Kanye’s Good A## Comeback

Kicking off the promos for his forthcoming Good Ass Job, Yeezy made a stop by the BET awards last night to perform the album’s first single, “Power”.  Dressed in a sharp red suit and gold chain that would make Flava Flav’s eyes pop, Ye blew through his defiant anthem of privileged anger at the injustices […]