Daily Archives: Jun 27, 2010

Michael Shapcott

Artist Michael Shapcott‘s works are more than just portraits. They feel deep and seem to almost look into your soul. They are both whimsical and emotionally charged, so powerful and beautiful with endless texture. Symbols from dream imagery, folklore and personal memories are the major inspirations and elements used in Shapcott’s work. His art is a […]


Here comes the second single from Chromeo’s forthcoming LP Business Casual, “Don’t Turn The Lights On”. The slammin’ electro-pop beat and slashing guitar riffs put their elbows out and beg for the sonic room to dance. These aren’t jams for the wallflower or amateur club-goer, this is serious dance music for people who want to […]


Sometimes, it’s what’s on the outside that counts too. Brilliant packaging can turn a mundane product into sheer genius. Preserve Products has done just that and is also lending its hand to Mother Earth too. Preserve makes stylish, eco-friendly products for the home that help us lead healthy lives and also minimize the impact on our […]

Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf‘s work gives me the inspiration to break out my magazines, cut out pictures and go to town making rad collages like back in high school. Of course, she does it on a more sophisticated level. The German-born, London-based artist’s interest in illustration began when studying fashion design. She then moved to London and began working on post card designs […]