First Love

We all remember our first love. Years later if you were asked to describe him or her, could you do it? As part of A Day Like Any Other, a mid-career survey, consisting of a decade of Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander’s works, she has installed a police sketch artist from the Yonkers Police Department to sit with visitors, listen to their description of their first love, and draw their portrait, which will adorn the walls of the gallery in the New Museum. He asks about physical features, such as face shape, eye color, ear size. It may seem easy to remember for some (i.e. the young Sound Off readers whose first loves were last school semester), but the good (and bad) memories may be more prominent on the forefront of the brain than physical attributes. What you remember and describe and how the sketch artist translates your description could be totally different or right on point, and that is the beauty of what Neuenschwander had in mind when conceiving the piece.

But the interactive installation fun doesn’t end there. In another installation called I Wish Your Wish, visitors are invited to select ribbons printed with a wish to tie around their wrists. When the ribbon falls off, tradition has it that one’s wish will be fulfilled. Visitors may write another wish and place it in the empty hole.

More installations in A Day Like Any Other and Neuenschwander here.


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