Tobias Wong (RIP)

I first came across Tobias Wang when a friend suggested I check out citizen:citizen a few years back, and was immediately struck by his irreverent sense of humor and impeccable taste in subject.  He took the everyday of mass consumption and recontextualized it in a sexy and austere fashion.  Roses were fashioned out of bullet proof material.  Pen caps were dipped in gold.  And, fast food swizzle sticks meant for milk shakes found a new home next to olives in a martini glass.  He designed with a wicked sense of humor and an eye for the unexplored.

I had been meaning to write about Tobias Wong for sometime on this site, and it seems some what befitting that by the time I finally decide to shed light on one of my favorite designers of the past decade that he would turn up dead.  Always one step ahead this fellow.  Not to be morbid, but you should cop one his pieces before they become completely inaccessible. Here are a few examples of his work:

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