Raise the Roof

It’s officially summertime and the people of New York City are getting out for some fresh air. But it’s not always easy to escape the concrete jungle to enjoy the outdoors like Mother Nature intended. Or is it? In a photo series called Rich People Rooftops, Flickr user jwilly gives us a glimpse into the world of the upper eschelon of NYC, peering onto their rooftop oasis. These penthouse rooftop atriums merge architecural sculpture with botanical madness to create these exquisite outdoor getaways that you’d never know existed as the tiny ant below. Beam me up, Buffy.

The angle of some of these photos are a bit papparazzi/Peeping Tom-esque, (one of the captions creepily reads: “I’m watching you!”), but we’re all closeted voyeurs, to an extent, who like to live the good life vicariously through a camera lens or tabloid magazine every once in a while, so enjoy. I know you will.    


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