Graffiti Technica

Graffiti has quickly gained a reputation as art instead of vandalism in some circles, but the general public may never fully accept it or understand it. Maybe in this technology-driven world, putting a digital spin on it will help. Brad Schwede of Graffiti Technica is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3D graffiti. An Australian motion graphics designer by trade, Schwede has always been influenced and inspired by graffiti and has seen it as a design style and not necessarily just an artistic medium of using spray paint to create art. He explores new ways of creating pieces by never picking up a spray can and completely digitizing graffiti designs and lettering. He believes that there is so much more that you can do in digital 3D than with paint, and gives you so many more options and ways of manipulating the design.

Whether you agree or disagree with the method, it’s still pretty dope art.


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