Daily Archives: Jun 22, 2010

Oh Stripes

Not only do I love stripes for guys, but stripes for us girls are perfect too! Not only is it an awesome summer trend, but stripes are just rad to begin with. When I think stripes I am automatically reminded of nautical; which is why I chose to accent with red tones =] Nautical and […]

Video on the Loose: Freewaves 20th Birthday

Video on the Loose LACMA Late Night Party Saturday, June 26th from 8-11PM Founder of Freewaves, professor, zen master, respected curator, and media arts guru, Anne Bray has been a pioneer of the media arts movement in Los Angeles since the 1980s. We are delighted that experimental media arts non-profit, Freewaves will be celebrating its […]

Spotted in China

Or tiger-striped, or panda-colored as the case may be… Check out the latest trend for pets in China. Apparently, multi-colored dye jobs are not all that uncommon to book with a shampoo and a trim.  Undeniably, the exotic animal coloring on the retriever and fluffy dogs pictured below is exquisitely authentic.  But there seems to […]

Ill Presidente

The state of the ailing economy is the inspiration behind London-based still-life photographer Matthew Donaldson‘s President series. The series features US dollar bills, each depicting the historical figure bearing an illness or handicap, making a humorous reference to the economic crisis. Ulysses S. Grant with a thermometer in his mouth, Alexander Hamilton in a neck brace, Andrew Jackson with a […]

Raise the Roof

It’s officially summertime and the people of New York City are getting out for some fresh air. But it’s not always easy to escape the concrete jungle to enjoy the outdoors like Mother Nature intended. Or is it? In a photo series called Rich People Rooftops, Flickr user jwilly gives us a glimpse into the world of the upper eschelon […]

Graffiti Technica

Graffiti has quickly gained a reputation as art instead of vandalism in some circles, but the general public may never fully accept it or understand it. Maybe in this technology-driven world, putting a digital spin on it will help. Brad Schwede of Graffiti Technica is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3D graffiti. […]