Daily Archives: Jun 21, 2010

King Fantastic- Finger Snaps and Gun Claps

Apparently, Gangster never left.  Tired of the current state of affairs in west coast hip hop, and unified by their love of pavement hard lyrics over bass heavy electronic production King Reese One and Troublemaker have come together to form King Fantastic.  King Fantastic‘s debut album, Finger Snaps and Gun Claps, is G’d up, pimp […]

Give Gum a Second Chance

Don’t you hate stepping in gum or let alone seeing the ground covered in gross bacteria filled chewed gum? Well so does Anna Bullus, she has invented the worlds first process that transforms people’s used nasty gum into plastic called BRGP (Bullus Recycled Gum Plastic) that can be used for injection and blow molding. Using […]

The Hundred in the Hands

Romantic, ethereal, and sensuous are just a few adjectives that spring to mind when listening to guy-girl Brooklyn duo The Hundred in the Hands. Their synthed out, dreamy pop gems fit in nicely with a summer catalog dominated by the likes of Sleigh Bells, as the chill wave seemingly crests into a deep blue sea […]

We Have Band

Happy Monday. Like a super simple Gap ad smashed into a bus carrying LCD Soundsystem’s gear, this Blake Claridge helmed post-punk clip by UK trio We Have Band for sinlge ‘Oh!’ is simple but pluralistically catchy. Like…indie Disco…