Daily Archives: Jun 18, 2010


Shawn Smith walks a fine line between the 2D and 3D worlds. His work investigates the slippery intersection between the digital world and reality and how we experience nature through technology. He explains that when we see images of nature on TV or on a computer screen, we feel that we are seeing nature, but we are […]

High Speed

Producing photos literally bursting with color, Alan Sailer masters the technique of high speed photography. The ironic result is a split second image captured to reveal a moment in slow motion. To create these amazing images, Sailer uses an air pellet rifle, a Nikon D40 camera and a homemade one-microsecond flash unit. A normal photographic flash unit produces […]

Ashes to Ashes

In Belgium at the moment is a pretty amazing exhibition running called ‘In Progress.’ A few of the pieces showing are by Dutch designer, Wieke Somers who has created her pieces out of human ashes using a technique of rapid prototyping and 3D printing. He works are a part of her new project Consumer or […]

Magic Kids- Summer

“Manifested to bring happiness into the world.”  Memphis’ Magic Kids make lush, soaring pop music that is infused with the naivete of youth.   Their newest project is entitled MEMPHIS and is already being talked about as being the band’s break out project.  I’m a sucker for this kind of blissed out fun.  In a […]

Splish Splash

I’m posting this only because it’s the most awesome rug ever…and there were only two made…and it comes with the steel diving board that is upholstered in leather. Pretty amazing. If you have a ton of extra cash laying around and you’d like more information on it, contact the folks over at Galerie Maad.

Playing with Fire

When you were young, your parents always told you, “Don’t play with matches.” If David Mach listened to his parents, his artistic career would’ve taken a different turn. In his series, Matchheads, the Scottish artist channels his love of matchsticks into unique sculptures of animals and iconic images in an extremely detailed building process. After creating a […]