BFF 2010

I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but I imagine if I got back on one, it’d be like, well, you know. Brendt Barbur was hit by a bus while bicycling in New York City. Instead of wallowing in his tears, he insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one, which resulted in the Bicycle Film Festival, a platform for bike enthusiasts around the world to celebrate the two-wheeled beauty through music, art and film. Ten years later, the BFF is going strong from Austin to Zurich, and has been a major catalyst in the urban bike movement for a decade, and surely decades to come. The festival starts today in NYC with the accompanying annual gallery show Joyride on June 17, a must-see, at Dash Gallery. The films begin June 18-20, with a world premier of Empire. Check out BFF’s website for showtimes, ticket information and other dates.


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