Daily Archives: Jun 16, 2010

Good deals at Metropark Thru 6/30!

Baby, I’m Yours

This Breakbot video, has to be one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen.Created by Irina Dakeva, it uses about 2000 different watercolor paintings! That’s some serious time and dedication!


Another clear, concise and refreshing series from Erin Hanson aka Recovering Lazyholic. We all leave notes to remind ourselves to do mundane tasks like pick up the drycleaning, don’t forget milk, buy stamps. Erin simplifies reminders even more in a playful way, with colorful typography, placed in strategic locations that you can’t help but notice. Her reminders are ones that should be carried out daily and also carried […]

A New Kind of Bomb

For all of us who are a little worried about our greenery going away, here’s an amazing concept (that’s actually being used here in Los Angeles) by Commonstudio! These little candy machines are starting to pop up, but instead of being filled with sugary sweets to rot your teeth they are filled with seed bombs. […]


LA based Everest make a kind of spaced out rock, as easy on the radio waves as it is coming out of your hi-fi at this weekend’s World Cup themed pool party. Their sound is devoid of the ubiquitous Chill Wave LoFi/Surf influence infecting most young bands, but that might be due to the band […]

Make a face

Or I suppose the lack of a face. Stick with Me Baby, an online retailer selling hilarious stickers to transform your macbook, has got some fun goodies that you should probably purchase. With their fun and quirky mission statement, their products definitely follow suit. “We love technology, beauty and creativity. We also believe that nobody […]


There’s nothing better than opening a greeting card and seeing something green fall out. With the PostCarden, that “something green” is in the form of plant-life, not money. Designed and produced by A Studio for Design, PostCarden is an independent company based in London who create charming products and thoughtful gifts. They felt the conventional card “lacked surprise, bringing only momentary […]

BFF 2010

I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but I imagine if I got back on one, it’d be like, well, you know. Brendt Barbur was hit by a bus while bicycling in New York City. Instead of wallowing in his tears, he insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one, which resulted in the Bicycle […]

Tame Impala

Here’s a great clip by Yourstru.ly featuring hot new Aussie export Tame Impala rocking it for a field in Santa Cruz, CA. I real dig their sparkling and sun-drenched sound, it’s a fresh take on the chill wave movement by a group who can actually play and develop dynamic tempos and melodic structures. I know! […]