Daily Archives: Jun 11, 2010

Ramona Falls, Russia

Portland, Oregon’s Ramona Falls is catchy, romantic, and has a new video for their song Russia, and well, it’s super rad. Sorta reminds me of the floor effects used in Jamiroquai’s video for Virtual Insanity (what ever happened to him?!) anyhow, it’s super dope. And the music is catchy as all hell. I’m going to […]


Now I know they are super old. And I know we’ve seen them all a million times. But they are too good to not post again! Especially on a Friday!! So enjoy and laugh! Happy Friday! and just because we are going for funny old videos, lets include this one that will have you singing […]

Feral Kid

With an interesting bio on his webpage and his creepy dream like illustrations I could help but fall in love with Joao Ruas‘ work at first glance. His work much resembles James Jean, and like James Jean, Joao has also created several covers for the popular comic book Fables. See more here.


We’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic around here and so we’ve been remembering Super Mario! There’s something so fun about the song, the sound effects, and the joys of finally getting a new high score. Well here’s a few videos that should give you that warm fuzzy Nintendo feeling!

Weezer Represent for Team USA

Soccer, footbal, futbol, whatever you call it the fever has gripped everyone including sunny and perpetual popsters Weezer who released this unofficial tribute jam, ‘Represent’, for Team USA as the Red White and Blue attempt to prove once again to the world writ large that The Beautiful Game has a legit home in the ol’ […]