Daily Archives: Jun 10, 2010

The Rabbit Jumps Back in Its Hole!

It’s a super dope song, and an equally as dope video. It’s all over the place, has super bright fun colors and of course that booty shakin’ dancing. YOWZA!

They are Coming

I find something insanely charming about whispery music, no not the whisper song. Anyhow, this is Husky Rescue‘s official music video for their song they are coming. Reminds me of a mix of bad 60’s B movies and ET. I mean really how can you go wrong?!

Damien Hurst, tries something new

Finally!!!! Unlike all his other pretentious, yet mouth dropping work, Damien Hurst is doing something new. He’s created these new “affordable” (now that depends on what you think is affordable), butterfly printed chairs $425. The folding chairs consist of a merpauh timber frame and a butterfly laden cloth front. They come in sever colors including, […]