Daily Archives: Jun 5, 2010

Face It

We see a face in a car’s headlights and grill or in an electrical outlet. There’s a face in everything. Ekosystem has put together a fun series titled Contextual Face that showcases various artists turning ordinary structures into character faces. Ekosystem is mainly a street art and non-hip-hop-graffiti gallery with daily news and links where artists, photographers and other […]

Color Your Stay

Designers, put your creative head to rest in a place where you know the world is exactly right at the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Designed by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and Belgian architect Olivier Hannaert, a work of art in itself, the Pantone Hotel follows the universal Pantone Matching System color palette in its bold design and sleek, simple decor. From […]

Drum Gloves

Now here’s a pretty clever invention, although I would hate for my roommate to own it… Anyhow, I digress, some students from Artesis University College of Antwerp created a wearable drum kit via gloves! When fingers are tapped the various percussion sounds are played through a modified speaker backpack allowing for a new age in […]

The 50 Worst Inventions

Time just recently posted what they think are the 50 worst inventions to date. While I highly agree with some of them, I highly disagree with a few. For example, the segway! What! How can something so cool and dorky looking be classified as one of the worst inventions!? I am sure they could have […]


The name of a band can be so deep and cryptic that only the members of the band know the meaning behind, but yet, the name can be so literal. Etsy shop Retrowhale illustrates our favorite band names in a literal sense in the form of a glass’ dry sidekick, the coaster. The drawings have a fun, juvenile vibe that is refreshingly simple and […]