Daily Archives: Jun 4, 2010

Eleven Heavy Things

There are lots of posers in New York City, and this summer, multi-talented artist Miranda July is encouraging you to pose too. The filmaker-slash-performer-slash-writer-slash-artist’s newest public art installation, Eleven Heavy Things, consists of eleven sculptures that encourage viewer interaction in the center lawn of NYC’s Union Square Park. The cast fiber-glass, steel-lined pieces consist of pedestals to stand […]

Love You Too

Leaps and bounds beyond a notebook doodle, artist Vanessa Prager uses the simple color scheme and method of blue and red ballpoint pen to create a new selection of works, titled Love You Too. The LA-based artist sketches on blank vintage sheet music, illustrating her love and talent for both music and Bic Cristal ballpoint pens. You know how it […]

Cloud Nothings

Here’s a repeat-button worthy, lo-fi gem from Cleveland’s “Cloud Nothings” called “Even if it Worked Out”. This is the B-side from 7″ “Didn’t You”, in this case “B” stands for better. It’s strength are the lyrics, full of sarcasm to balance out the sunny guitar distortion. 18 – Cloud Nothings – Even If It Worked […]

Soaring Fashion

British designer Christopher Raeburn is a quickly rising high-end streetwear talent who is known for creating meticulously crafted, ethically-aware clothing for men and women. For Spring, he has cleverly constructed re-deployed parachutes and military fabrics into unisex foldaway parkas. In a line heavily dominated by outerwear, the materials are sourced from uniforms of specific countries and […]


Since the weekend is upon us I thought some party jamz were in order. Chromeo’s Dave 1 gets his Flashdance on in this clip for “Night by Night” while P-Thug rocks the talkbox. The guitar/synth solo breakdown is pure, delicious 80’s cheese. Throw any Chromeo in your party mix this weekend and you can be […]

OMG cat, it’s Friday!

Happy Friday! Today calls for another funny cat video, because you can never post enough funny cat videos on the Metropark blog =] hahah. Here’s the OMG cat just for you lovely Metropark blog readers.

Skateboard Art

I am slowly but surely learning to like and even love in some respects, found art or reclaimed art as I’m going to call it, you know since I’m such an art connoisseur. Haroshi, is a Japanese artist with a real knack for building amazing sculptures out of old skateboards. “His creations are born through […]

All Together Now = Andre 3000 + Beatles + Kobe

Oh those folks at Nike are just so clever — mashing up cultural phenomenon that make us want to tune in and buy their shoes again and again.  But beyond the cleverness, one gets a sense that the Nike ads coming out lately really indicate that more so than in recent memory, Nike has the […]