Daily Archives: Jun 3, 2010

Ad Bands

Ad Bands is industry professionals putting on a concert for a wonderful cause, and even cooler is their ad for their event… I’m still laughing! via.

Bruce Kalberg

Freshjive presents the Bruce Kalberg / Bruce Caen photography exhibit at Reserve. Thursday June 3rd, 7:00-11:00 PM Reserve Store 420 N. Fairfax Los Angeles, CA 90036 Bruce Kalberg From 1979-1984 Bruce Kalberg photographed virtually every band and personality against the backdrop of the first rush of Punk Rock in Los Angeles and Hollywood. As publisher […]

Cakeland, bring your teeth.

Now at first I got really excited that maybe I could get a cake with teeth and horns for my birthday, and then sadly had to realize that Scott Hove, who creates these beautiful “cakes”, doesn’t actually make them out of cake, but out of various materials using traditional cake tools, although adding his own […]

Post It

Every year as Seniors come to the end of their four-year tenure, they want their class to be remembered, to leave a legacy for classes to come and leave with a bang before the real world eats them alive. Senior pranks have been performed on campuses for decades, but as the world changes, the rules get stricter and the pranks […]

Before You Were Hot

Ah, the wonder awkward years. We’ve all been through it and hopefully survived it, thanks to bad perms, unibrows, braces and mullets. Instead of burying the evidence that we actually looked like that at one point, let’s embrace it and bring those vintage photos out of hiding. All in good spirits, Before You Were Hot (BYWH) is a website […]

Doing it, in style.

Huggies is making your children hip, will you jump on the fad? To compete with fashion diapers (I had no idea there was such a market?!) such as Ed Hardy diapers, yes they make diapers, yes they are bedazzled. Huggies has stepped up their game launching Little Movers Denim Jean Diapers, they are printed with […]