Daily Archives: Jun 2, 2010

Listen Loud and Long

Deafness is no longer just something for the old. With loud music and better technology making it easier for us to get that loud music right to where it’s the most damaging. Designaffairs Studio of Germany has created an new hearing aid concept for the young (hip and fashionable!) called the “Deafinite Style”. The aid […]

LA Gang Tours

Typically in LA, you try your best to not take a wrong turn and end up in certain areas where gangs are known to hang out. For the past six months, former gangster, Alfred Lomas, and his company, LA Gang Tours, have been offering high-end bus tours of the city’s “hottest” gang spots, historic and current, including the county jail, the birthplace […]

Hello World

Who doesn’t love a cool Lego creation? Making the rounds on the internets is the Lego Printer. Designed, built and coded from scratch by b3ta user squirrelfantasy, the “Lego felt tip 110” puts our childhood lego creations to shame. The printer is connected to an Apple Mac and uses analog motor electronics, sensors and a […]

Just a Stir for Coffee

Now here’s a cool new concept for the next way to get yourself a cup of coffee! Created by Heo Jeong Im, this coffee stick partially dissolves in hot water to create a cup of coffee but also leaves with a stirrer. The sticks would come in various coffee options from Cappuccino to Americano! via.


Now here’s a nifty idea: MoPA, Museum of Poor Art, which is a museum for ill-conceived or badly executed art which has been found online (either from browsing the internet or sent in by fans). It seems their regular running joke is guessing who the celebrity is in their found artworks. The comments and jargon […]

Metric Likes it Animal on Animal

What’s that you say? You’ve always wanted to see Metric’s sexy chanteuse Emily Haines pet a lion? Here you go, happy birthday. Even though the album has been out for a while they’re still cranking out videos, this one for ‘Stadium Love’. Since the lyrics feature adversarial pairings of wild beats, so does the video. […]

Uffie feat. Pharell

Uffieis straight international. She was born in America, grew up in Hong Kong and bases herself out of Paris. But her jet-set bio doesn’t really matter much, since her music is legit. Her lyric delivery and penchant for oddball stage shows draws a constant string of chicken/egg comparisons between her and reigning pop queen Lady […]