Monthly Archives: November 2009

F*ck*d Up

I love Fucked Up. Not just because I get to type their name which always produces an admittedly lame thrill, I mean, how often do you really get to write Fucked Up in polite publishing? I love Fucked Up because they adhere to a form of thrashing, screaming punk rock that so few people do […]

The Kissaway Trail

For whatever reason, maybe its the gloomy weather, convoluted history or just the deep wells of classical culture but the folks in the Old Country have the uncanny ability to take something we do and make it bigger, grander and more polished. Before you get up in arms and start waiving the Stars and Stripes […]

Against The Grain: Textured Reality

Chicago-based artist Morgan Leavitt portrays contemporary realism in mixed media on wood. She uses charcoal, wood, gels and whatever else she can mix in with the paint to create compelling textures that play against the grain.

Who Fights Dragons?

I Fight Dragons is Chicago’s hottest (and quite possibly only) NES-Rock band. Voted best new Chicago band for 2009 by Metromix, they’re about to wrap up their first nationwide tour to promote their first EP, Cool Is Just A Number.  Word is they’re headed back into the studio after the holidays to record their first […]

Samurai Maid

Once thought to be a passing fad, the maid cafe has actually become somewhat of a cultural mainstay in Japan, deeply rooted in its media and fetish culture. From the sexually suggestive french maid fantasy featured in anime to the nurturing maid that will also administer reflexology, the role of the maid seems to be […]

The Sounds – “Beatbox” Music Video

This is probably my favorite song off of Crossing the Rubicon, the latest album from the Swedish ambassadors of fierce. Not gonna’ lie though, the first minute had me prepping myself for potential epic fail with vampire and/or werewolf involvement. Luckily, no angst-ridden mythical creatures (I think), but guitarist Felix Rodriguez appears to go Super […]

SXSW 2010

It’s never too early to start planning for SXSW. Hotels book up a year in advance and your friend’s only have so many couches to lend out to their out-of-town music fan friends. In the interest of getting you amped up well in advance the organizers have released a list of 230 showcasing artists who […]

Big Bang Party At The Planetarium?

Why not?  Since Nerd became the new Cool, geeks have been freaking over the cross-branding possibilities. Chicago’s Adler Planetarium’s Adler After Dark event series kicks it up a notch by transforming the coolest-ever third grade field trip venue into a party worthy of your 21+ colliding worlds, without the third graders.  Every third Thursday of the month, […]

Fork It Over

Food-based micro-granting for artists is an ingenius way to self-fundraise to support your creative habits– and those of others. Everybody needs to be fed. Dish it up, fork it over. From coast to coast, and overseas, an international network of food-based micro-granting initiatives inspired by Chicago-based InCUBATE [Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and The Everyday] “Sunday […]

Just In Case

Protect Ya Neck with Major Thadeus Tinker‘s “Vampyric Infestation Emergency Kit” — The essential travelling accessory for Ladies and Gentlemen in such trouble spots as Transylvania and Whitby.  Supplied in a sturdy tin this set contains all you need to deal with those annoying undead types. The tin contains: 1 Mirror for identifying the beasts since […]