Daily Archives: Nov 20, 2009

Who Shot Rock & Roll In Brooklyn

“Who Shot Rock & Roll”, the sexy new photo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum reminds us that rock & roll isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle… open now through January 31, 2010. WHO SHOT ROCK & ROLL: A Photographic History, 1955 to Present via

Painted Forest

WTF. No, seriously. What is this? For the past month runners through Chicago’s Lincoln Park have been speculating as to the cause of the newly installed grove of painted trees, incidentally painted candy-corn orange and yellow the week before Halloween. Event props? Nope. One month later, they’re still standing. Protective paint to preserve the delicate […]

Romance + Fauxmance = No-man’s land

via With all the speculation and hype over Twilight and New Moon‘s Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart– are they / aren’t they  together / in love — fans and Hollywood’s puppeteers are out in full force playing the game they love to play the most: Romance + Fauxmance = No-man’s land. (Yeah, I made that […]


Wow. Four members of a gang that specializes in the sale of human fat collected from dead humans and used for commercial purposes [WTF?!] were arrested in Peru. Don’t even wanna know where they got the fat from, but doesn’t seem like they got it from a biohazardous waste facility… via In other news, this […]

You Don’t Need This

This is as awesome as it is useless. That is to say I can think of all the reasons that I need this and it’s the same exact number of reasons that I don’t. Behold the USB powered Alien which when plugged into a USB port sticks out its illuminated tongue. No storage space, not […]

In the Key of “Ferrari”

These days Ferrari logos seem to appear everywhere: On leather jackets, pens,sneakers, and even cars that aren’t Ferraris. The latest, sanctioned non-automotive item to bear the famed “Prancing Horse” is The Blackbird Rider Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar. Donning a sticker price of $1,500 and multiple Ferrari accents including a “Ferrari-red” A-string and Scuderia shield, the […]

Eyedea & Abilities: “Smile”

A long time ago, in a year we’ll call 2000, a young battle rapper from Minneapolis, MN who went by the name of Eyedea won the Blaze Battle, rocked HBO and took home props from Puffy. Around the same time his DJ partner, DJ Abilities was winning DMC battles and making a name for himself […]

Rolls-Royce Gets A MINI-Me

Since a very small (and very rich) percentage of the population can afford a anything that bears the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, the BMW owned company will be outfitting some special ordered MINI Coopers (which BMW also owns) with Rolls-Royce accessories. The MINI Coopers will be custom built in the Roll-Royce factory and will feature […]

All About The Hamiltons

Actor Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word. Performing “The Hamilton Mixtape” — a rap about Alexander Hamilton — as told by Aaron Burr. Genius. via

Clients From Hell

TGIF single serving — Clients From Hell — A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers. Funny because it’s true. Submit your own horror story here. via