Summer Jamz: Part I

As the summer approaches and we begin to pack up our boarding gear and kefiyas you might be asking yourself what tasty summer jams might go with that beverage and bbq you’ve been longing for since last year’s sun worshiping debauchery.  I know you still long for the glory days of Death from Above, but might I suggest a little MSTRKRFT’?  The  duo’s new wild-out disc Fist of God includes all the expected guest spots like E-40, who has been making so many cameo’s lately he must be hard up for cash (see also: Lonely Island’s ode to The Coup, ‘Santana DVX‘,  and NASA’s  ‘N.A.S.A. Music‘). Being the powerhouse remix duo that they are MSTRKRFT’ also pull in Ghostface Killah, Freeway and even the ever-so-suave John Legend (I don’t know if that’s a good thing, either).  It’s got enough cred to impress your music snob friends AND the pure jams to inspire some bad decisions in the pool house with that certain someone.

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