Daily Archives: May 20, 2009

Meditation Guru

Slow down. …. It’s scary, isn’t it? [I know you didn’t do it, but for that split second when you considered it, your mind probably rejected even the thought of it.] We’re a very connected society now, and we take in as much as we can as fast as we can. There’s no time to […]

3DTV – Dorky Glasses Included

EON Reality apparently exists in the future (a future that still can’t make fashionable 3D glasses, but still…): Two conclusions are important to draw from this video: 1. TV will not stop until it takes over your entire house. 2. No amount of fantastic technical prowess and sophistication will ever be enough to cause mankind […]

Wednesday in Wonderland

Here’s a quick something to help you get over any hump day droopiness you may be having: (the audio is unsurprisingly NSFW, depending on how cool your work environment may be) 24 year old Lindsay Scoggins is a student at UCF and created that video as a final assignment for a class called Electronic Media. […]

Take It To The Streets

  I’ve never blogged about a blog.  I’m not even sure if you can blog about a blog.  I could be breaking the blogging rules.   But I found a great blog.  I always love when Nylon Magazine stops people in the streets and takes their picture and asks them questions about their fashion inspiration, […]

Song To Bobby

Song To Bobby is a song Cat Power sings about Bob Dylan. If truth be told- I liked Cat Power before I liked Bob Dylan. I’m not a Dylanologist- that’s what Dylan experts call themselves. I used to clump Dylan in with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones- totally over rated bands from the 60’s- […]

Li Wei

At first glance you may think that that Li Wei’s action shots have some post production photoshop elements to them. Not the case. Li uses a mixture of props, wires, cleverly positioned cameras and good old fashioned acrobatics to achieve the astounding effects in his photographs. All of these elements combined give Li’s work the […]

Low Low

This hand-built bike dubbed ‘Tequila Sunrise’ is finished with hand-laid fiberglass over a sturdy steel frame. Built by design student Jason Battersby the unique, flawless design won its share of accolades at the Detroit Autorama show where it was displayed earlier this year.`Best in Show’ and `first in class’ are definitely appropriate titles for this one […]

Remix After All

10 popular and acknowledged music blogs got together to create this unofficial remix album for public distribution on May 20. Each and every blog has chosen one track from the album and has then begun a search for the producer they think would fit best to remix their song. Remix After All does not disregard […]